Five Card Story: Unfor-tuna-te Aid

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1. England 2. Woods 3. Sunset 4. Pirate 5. Smelly

"Life in a Northern Town" by Dream Academy
This song relates to the first two images. I always imagined the town in the song to be in England and to have snow and both of those pictures have those elements in them.

All of the pictures have the color brown in them, but I feel that the pictures have a gradient of colors to them. The first two are mainly blue in my mind, the middle picture is a mix of orange and blue, and the last two are mainly orange. I relate blue with peace and orange with danger and this goes perfectly with the story I had in my mind for these pictures.

You live in a small town in England near the woods. One evening you grew restless and wanted to go on a walk through the woods to clear your head. It was a little bit chilly as there was still snow on the ground this time of the year. Going on the walk really made you feel better, and as you watched the sunset, you decided it was time to make your way back home.
You turn around and start going in the direction of your neighborhood, or are you? All the trees start to look the same, and you pick up your pace out of desperation. You've sworn that fallen log looked familiar, right? You keep doubting which way is right until you've completely lost all sense of direction. In despair you sink into a crouch and start to cry. But that's when you hear the howl. A spine-chilling howl of a wolf alerting it's friends that it's found food.
Panicking and not wanting to spend a second more in the ever darkening woods, you break into a sprint just hoping to get away.
And that's when you see it. A light in the distance buoyed up, you find extra strength and start to run faster, hoping to get to safety. You run up onto the porch and start a desperate bang on the door. You can hear the howls getting closer. You're running out of time.
You decide to peer into the window to see if you can spot anyone, but you notice a strange symbol on the window. Do pirates live here? You start to back away slowly when the door abruptly swings open to reveal a little, old granny in her night gown. Thankfully she offers to let you in from the dark and the cold, but at what cost.
You can't help but wonder if you've just changed the danger you're in, but really, what could a potentially-pirate grandma do to you? Mop the deck?
She shows you to a room where you can stay the night, but just like you expected, there's a catch. She expects you to repay her.
In your room you can smell it before you see it. A month's old barrel of rotting fish. It is the smelliest smell that smells smelly you have ever sniffed. She quickly shuts the door and turns the key locking you in with the putrid stench, and you hear her yell through the door, "No leavin' 'til ye finish the whole barrel".

Was it worth it?

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flickr photo credits: (1) Serenae (2) bionicteaching (3) bionicteaching (4) bionicteaching (5) Serenae

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