Five Card Story: From a Child's Perspective

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On a beautiful sunny day, a mom and her young son drive to a nature park near their home. The boy won't sit still, he has too much energy and is too excited. The mom can only hope that this day will tire him out, she has had a long week. When they arrive the boy darts out of the car and runs for the trees, he has never seen anything quite as amazing. Sighing the mom chases after him. The boy runs to and from trees, walking across fallen logs, and jumping around. The mom watches with a smile. He's quite the rambunctious one, isn't he?

Suddenly the boy cries out "Mom! Look what I found!" He holds up a small frog he caught to his mother. She backs away, she can't understand why anyone would want to touch the slimy creature. The boy doesn't seem to care. He has made a new friend, even if that friend is slimy.

At midday, the pair sits down to eat a lunch the mom packed. He exclaims excitedly that the chairs are just his size and sprints towards them. How can he still have this much energy, the mom wonders?

After eating, the boy decides to explore the small stream nearby. Every rock and pebble he sees is a treasure, and soon, his pockets are full. If only she could find such joy in such small things, the mom wonders to herself while laughing quietly.

On their drive home, the boy dozes. His head is against the glass that is fogging from his breath. He watches sleepily as the trucks drive past, too tired to even point them out. The mom watches him from the rearview mirror, she is content. Her son is tired from the long day. But more importantly, she realizes, he had fun.

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