Five Card Story: Uncanny Encounter

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a Five Card Flickr story by Geewill Rose Pescador created May 03 2024, 12:37:42 pm. Create a new one!

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One day, a group of friends had decided to go camping somewhere near the woods to escape the hellish heat of the city. They went on a bright orange van, and once they arrived at their destination, they were met with lovely lush green scenery. The leaves were dancing in the wind, swaying gracefully as the 5 friends stood there and appreciated the cool mountain breeze. As they were setting up camp, one of them noticed that there was an oddly large fly that landed on his shoulder. It was a fly he couldn’t simply swat away and stuck stubbornly to him. However, the fly then spontaneously flew out from his shoulder. But by the looks of it, the fly stopped and seemed to stare eerily at him. It just buzzed there in place. He was compelled to follow the fly as it started leading him out of his friends’ camping site. He didn’t know what possessed him to separate from the group, but the fly seemed too odd, therefore he was curious to where it would lead him. He followed and followed into the winding ways of the woods, nothing but trees covered a stretch of land for miles long. He suddenly felt something hard hit his foot, but before he could process what it was, he immediately lost balance and fell to the ground. He garnered a slight scrape on his knees, oozing out fresh blood. He tried to wipe it away with his sleeve. Cleaning the dripping blood from his knees, he later sees what the hard object was that he tripped on. It was actually an old gravestone. Somebody named, Henry B. Everrett was buried here. He bolted straight up on his feet and immediately felt shivers run down his spine. His hands were cold and clammy, his breath hitching in fear. He looked around the area in panic, as he felt like he was being watched. Nobody was there, even the fly was gone. He felt a sudden gust of wind brush up his cheek. It was strangely cold to the touch. He shivered once more. “Please help me” a random voice whispered softly into his ear that only he could hear it. He was in disbelief. After a random voice emerged out of nowhere, the birds suddenly scrambled and flew out of the woods. He knew that this was a bad sign and made a run for it. He dashed and ran as fast as he could out of the woods, trying to find a road to ask for help. After what seemed like an eternity running through an empty forest, he finally found a round and tried to hitchhike. To make a long story short, he was able to get home, he immediately searched up an online obituary to see if he could find anyone by the name “Henry B. Everett”, he even asked the locals if they knew anyone by that name. And their answers were all the same. There was no man under that name. His question still remains unanswered, but his researches showed that the specific area he got lost in was infamous for having creatures known as “skinwalkers”. They imitate how humans look and sound, almost like their doppelgängers but they cannot perfectly copy them. And there were quite a number of people who went missing in that forest, and some were found, that didn’t really look the same anymore. On the contrary, after he escaped the forest, his friends have been saying he looks a tad bit different…

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