Five Card Story: The Tapestry of Time

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a Five Card Flickr story by Trisha May Trayfalgar and Rossel Villadolid created May 03 2024, 01:48:06 pm. Create a new one!

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People. Places. Pictures. Time…

Have you ever wondered how time seems to be so fast in dreams than it is in reality? How about when things are tedious and monotonous, just like for some people sitting and listening in class? Time feels different in every situation we are in. Time is what keeps us going. Time, it is something that could tell us how deep and far a lot could change. Places, situations, people, and even pictures, in a flick of the moment could change through time.

Lance is a boy who loves being alone, draw and imagine how things would be in the future. From grade school, he would always sit near the window of his school bus, woolgathering until he falls asleep. He would dream of places he had never gone before but feels somehow familiar. Up until he graduated middle school and started college, this has been his daily routine. Go to school, listen in class or more like daydream in class, then go home. Basically just letting time pass. But one day, just out of the blue, he managed to realize how he wasted most of his time just sitting there and do nothing. It took all his courage to begin doing things the different way from what he used to. He started doing things he love. Studied real hard until he graduated as the top of his class. He was immediately hired for work and earned a lot through time. Thus, he managed to go from places to places he had always imagined. From hard work and productivity. He never wasted a minute and even a second. He did things the way he wanted.

He realized how time is so important that in every moment we had, we should’ve been prolific and made the time worthwile.

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