Five Card Story: Illusions of Reality

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a Five Card Flickr story by SUSMIRAN, LEAZYL JOYCE & TIROL, JAZEL created May 05 2024, 06:53:19 am. Create a new one!

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As I turned thirteen, the nightmares began, haunting me relentlessly. Each night, I found myself trapped inside an old, white car. My hands bound, lips sealed with duct tape, and a thin fabric covering my eyes, offering a blurred view of the passing scenery. One recurring location stood out—a narrow street adorned with a peculiar mural depicting either a stout man or a pregnant woman.

In the waking world, life continued with its mundane rhythm. Until one day, amidst the cacophony of traffic, I awoke to the familiar sounds of cars honking and a driver cursing the worsening congestion. Peeling away the fabric, I found myself in an unfamiliar part of town, a desolate room surrounded by dry, unkempt grass.

The memories were fragmented, disjointed. I stumbled through the fog of confusion, grasping at the elusive threads of my consciousness. Then, like a chilling breeze, it hit me—I remembered walking alone on a dimly lit street, deserted and ominous.

Fear gnawed at my insides, each nightmare weaving itself into the fabric of my reality. But there was a glimmer of hope, a determination to unravel the mystery that bound me to these tormenting visions.

I delved deeper, piecing together fragments of forgotten memories, following the faint whispers of intuition. It led me to the narrow street, the mural looming ominously in the moonlight. And there, in the shadows, I discovered the truth—a truth so sinister, it shattered the illusion of safety I once held.

The nightmares weren't mere figments of imagination; they were memories buried deep within the recesses of my mind. I wasn't a victim of circumstance—I was a pawn in a game of deceit and manipulation.

The people I trusted, the faces I knew, were nothing but shadows cast by the darkness that enveloped me. And as the pieces fell into place, I realized the horrifying reality—I was both the hunter and the hunted, trapped in a web of lies spun by those closest to me.

The twist? The nightmares weren't visions of the past—they were glimpses of the future, a future where the lines between reality and illusion blurred beyond recognition. And in the end, the only truth that remained was the chilling realization that I was never truly free from the nightmare that consumed me.

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