Five Card Story: The Unexpected Turn

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a Five Card Flickr story by Kathleen, Czeny, Kaye, Aouie, Jason created May 11 2024, 02:06:14 am. Create a new one!

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The Sunday morning sun cast long shadows as Sarah shuffled into the convenience store, her hair a mess and her eyes bleary. Grabbing a lukewarm cup of coffee and a stale donut, she paid with a mumbled "good morning." Sundays were supposed to be peaceful, not a struggle to even form complete sentences.

Across the street, the church bells chimed, a melody that usually brought her comfort. Today, however, it felt hollow. Sarah wasn't much for organized religion, but the quiet contemplation of a Sunday service used to be a welcome respite from the week's chaos. Yet, today, the thought of forced cheer and empty platitudes felt unbearable.

Leaving the church, she decided to skip for a walk. The crisp air felt invigorating against her sleep-deprived face. As she rounded a corner, a brightly colored flyer fluttered to the ground in front of her. It advertised a local book reading with a visiting author, specializing in fantastical adventures. A spark of interest ignited within Sarah. Maybe, she thought, a good story could be the quiet escape she needed.

Turning on her heel, Sarah changed course, heading towards the library instead of church. As she entered the building, the warm aroma of old paper and the hushed whispers of turning pages welcomed her. She found the flyer's designated room, the comfortable chairs already filled with eager readers. Sarah settled in, the anticipation building as the author began to weave a tale of magic and wonder.

Lost in the pages of the fantastical world being created, Sarah's worries of the week faded away. The quiet murmur of the reading became a familiar comfort, a world away from the forced smiles and empty halls she'd envisioned at church. Maybe, Sarah thought, Sundays weren't about religion or routine. Maybe, they were about finding peace in unexpected places, be it a warm cup of coffee, a good book, or a captivating story. And that was enough.

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