Five Card Story: The bloodsucker

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Short story

The bloodsucker

Everyone was sitting down for dinner. A nice quick dinner hopefully. My parents were having their boring friends over trying to impress them. Of course they would never admit that but i saw through their ploy.

I wanted to go out with my friends but first i had to stay for fifteen minutes. How dare my parents restrict my social life! But i'll show them.

Just sitting down for dinner with my parents and their peers. It is almost time when the guest take their first bite of the steak.

"Wraaarr". I striked at their jugular. Blood and guts spew everywhere. Quick as a flash I strike from person to person sucking and abosrbing the blood. Finally i drain the last guest and look up at my shocked parents staring dubfounded.

'You can quit the act', I say.
'Hahahahahahahahaha', they squeal.

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