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i woke up at 8to find out that i was hungry, i went up stairs to get some toast to find out that there was no bread! annoyed i quickly put on my snow gear and walked down the street to the bakers. i got to the bakers in less that 15 minutes, a record time, i went up to the lady and said "hello, can i please have a loaf of white bread and a custard scroll" the lady then hurried over to the other side of the bakery to later return with the bread and scroll and said, "that will be $5.95" i got out my walet and gave her the money and huddeld home.

I finaly got home with my bread and scroll to find out that it was allready 9 o'clock, i went over to the kitchen and put 2 pieces of bread into the toaster and got out some honey, while waiting for the toast i went back down to my room and got my usb and pluged it into my laptop, i went into my movie folder and started up the movie "pick of destiny", all my friends had recomended it to me soi downloaded it, i went over to get my toast, got some honey and spread it over the toast and brought them back over to my laptop and started to watch the movie.

It was now 10 and about half way though the movie when i herd this sound, i went downstairs to see what the noise was,once i got down stairs i found out that it was a rooster confused i brought it upstairs to have a look at it in the light. i got upstairs and i found out that it had a cut on its neck, i put a bandage around it so it will stop the bleeding and went back over to watch the end of the movie, i walked into the room and found out that the computer was all chewed up and destroyed! pusseld i saw a trail of hair on the ground and started to folow it, i finaly found the end of the trail and saw that there was a visious dog infront of me growling, i quickly darted to the door and locked it, i went upstairs to call the rspca and found out that at the phone line had been chewed though and that the rooster had been electricuted and was now a roast chicken on the floor. suprised i picked it up and put it on the bench to then go back over to my laptop, i got to the laptop and realised that i could plug the USB into the TV, i then pluged the laptop into the TV and started watching the movie "The Pick of Destiny" from were i left it and puased it, i went to the kitchen and grabed the tenderised roast chicken and ate it while watching the movie. as i started to eat the chicken i realised that it was so tender and jucey that it gave me a shiver down my spine it was the best thing i have ever tasted in my life.

"So that was your whole day?"
"yes," i said to my friend on the phone
"woah it was prety crazy huh?"
"yea, so what you donig on the week end?"
"eh nothing much wana come over?"
"yea allright"

and so i then went over to my friends house on the week and and life was back to normal, no crazy thing ever happend again to me.


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flickr photo credits: (1) pollyalida (2) Serenae (3) krutscjo (4) bionicteaching (5) Choconancy1

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