Five Card Story: Earthquake

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We were at the Nursery when it happened. I was with Dom and Sarah, picking out some flowers for their wedding. Yeah, they were getting married. As a friend, I was delighted, but as a lover... I wanted Sarah. There, I said it. But I digress.
First, there was this rumbling, like 50 Semi-trailers were racing towards us. Then, everything just shook. I dropped to the ground. I couldn't see anything. All I could hear were screams.

The earthquake, and by now I knew it was an earthquake, finally stopped. The stillness was eerie. But it wasn't silent. I could hear sobbing, coming from near the entrance. A voice was repeating one word over and over.
", no NO NO!" Then I recognized the voice. It was Sarah.

I ran, heart pounding, calling out to her.
I forced my way past some overturned benches, and there she was. Sarah, her auburn hair coaked with dust, kneeling beside someone, partially buried under rubble. I moved closer.
She looked up at me, eyes streaming with tears. "James," she whispered, "It's Dom".

You never get used to death. Even after my parents died, I don't handle it well. This is probably a good thing. But this, this was a whole different ballgame. Dom, my friend, was dying in front of me. You can't describe that. You don't even want to think about the possibility.

I rushed to Dom, frantically clearing the rubble from his prone figure. I managed to clear enough away to pull him out of the wreckage.
I could'nt hear breathing. I felt for a pulse, praying to whatever God exists that he wasn't dead. I found one.
"He's alive!"
Sarah pulled herself next to me. "He's alive?"
I nodded.
She pushed me aside, and tried desperately to wake him up.
"Dom! DOM! Wake up Dom!" She grabbed his head and slapped it. "WAKE UP!" she shrieked, slumping to the ground.

I dropped down beside her, and pulled her close. She started crying again.
"It's not fair. It's just not fair" she whimpered.

Dom always had an impeccable sense of timing. His eyes flickered open, and he started coughing. The resilient bugger was okay.

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