Five Card Story: The Wierdest Day of My Life

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Today was the wierdest day of my whole life.This little girl came up to me and she tried to put a spoon on my nose!Then she stuck it on hers.After that there was this old lady met up with her and she had a spoon too.I was thinking not this again!So after she had it on her nose I left because I didn't want to be rude to the ugly lady.Well that wasn't the wierdest thing of my day!!
I went to church and there was this picture of a this dead man or women thing and it was wierd because this was supposed to be like a church!!!:(.Ok so n e ways if u were at church and then u saw this picture of something freaky!Well imagine if u were using the potty and then u saw it!!!That would be frightening.So there are a couple of other scary things that happened today and then after I tell u about all of them i will shut my mouth.OK.
My friend's b-day was today and i went to it.As soon as I walked in his mom was in a cat suit and sitting on the couch.This was the 2nd scariest thing that happened today.
I thought this was supposed to be a birthday party,not a freaky friday party!Why does this always happen to me!When the party was over Ididn't want go home because it was so much fun.
I had to be home by 5:00 because that is whn my b-day party was.I was so happy when i got home because of that.I just can't wait to see what i am getting for my birthday.i got alll excited for nothing.Guess what i got.I got an all rotted and rusted old fashioned scooter and that was all!
This is crappy.I acted like I liked it so she wouldn't get mad and upset.
This is the last wierd thing that happened today.
In a flash i was getting married!!This is really bad.But the good thing about it is that I get to eat cake and ice cream.This might be the future.I am really 12.This is scary.But the guy i got to marry in the future is good looking!!!Now I am done blabbing my mouth and i will shut up.

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