Five Card Story: Hosting a humongodungo 18th birthday party

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Since class was over I have been doing nothing but hopping around from one activity to another. Planiing my daughters 18th Birthday party is exhuasing. I am feeling like a frog jumping on lillypads. I keeping moving around trying to always find a safe place to land. There is always a danger that I will fall and it will be a big splashy mess.

I asked my friend Debbie what she thought I should do and she said I should just relax and think cool and comforting thoughts because I looked like I was ready to explode. I have to admit it sounded refreshing but taking a break was not an option. I had a class right in the middle and this professor was no joke! He might kill me!!!

Next, everyday it seemed like some vendor was asking me for money to plan Danielle's party. I am not rich! It had to be the event of a lifetime. I would get home and all she could talk about was this amazing bash! How can I dissapoint her?

Okay Janet, I had to get off the couch and stop feeling sorry for myself. This was a great opportunity to bring togehter family and friends. I think it going to be okay! I have just have to imagine the hula dancers and all the fun we will have that day!

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