Five Card Story: The Morning

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John was walking around town on a cloudy Saturday morning. The weather was rather moody and indecisive, it was unable to decide whether it wanted to rain or shine. He had a terrible headache which was a result of the light showers followed by brief intervals of the sun's smile.

John had to run a few errands, but with the weather he'd rather have slept in. As soon as this thought came to him, the most beautiful natural miracle greeted him. A rainbow had formed just above his neighborhood. At the sight of this spectacle, his mood shifted from one that was miserable to a more optimistic and cheerful one.

Walking along he saw a peculiar shaped rock lying on the path. He picked it up and examined it, it reminded him of a banana or an airplane even. Whistling, he continued walking tossing the rock in the air with each step. Suddenly he heard something; "Hey put down my door!" He turned around, looking for the source of the voice. But to his shock there was nobody around. Across the street was an old lady, rocking back and forth on her chair knitting. But the voice couldnt have belonged to her, for it was deep and masculine. "Down here." Slowly he lowered his gaze and to his astonishment, he saw a squirrel staring up at him. "Woah, did you just speak?" John stammered. "Yes and if you don't mind, I'd like my door back. I'm sure you wouldn't feel comfortable if your home was left unguarded". John then bent over and offered the rock saying "I'm sorry, I had no idea it was yours. But how did you learn to speak?". At this remark the squirrel had a smirk on his face and replied "Duh, I went to school." Grabbing his door, the squirrel leapt off, climbed up a tree and was gone.

The encounter with the squirrel caught him unawares and it wasn't until a few minutes went by that he heard his stomach rumble. Luckily enough he just so happened to be right outside a pizzeria. He ordered his favorite meal: spaghetti bolognaise. After he was fed his mind was still scrambling to find sense in what had happened that morning. After paying for his meal, he went on and finished his errands.

Finally he went back home and felt tired. His encounter with the squirrel still fresh on his mind. He went to his pool to play with Zeal for a while, who so happened to be a seal. He loved playing with him because he just had so much energy and, well, zeal. Zeal was always happy to see John and so was John. He tossed a few fish in and Zeal happily finished them up. "Zeal you wouldn't believe what happened to me today. I actually met and had a conversation wtih a squirrel!" John said with a smile. "Well then you wouldn't believe what happened to me today, I spoke with a pretty ladybug".

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flickr photo credits: (1) spacedlawyer (2) krutscjo (3) Rachel Smith (4) katerha (5) ARckls

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