Five Card Story: The Success of Paperless Education

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In my generation, students have adapted to using technology as a vital tool for education. Throughout my intermediate and high school education, the school system has provided all students with some sort of electronic, including Chromebooks, MacBooks, and iPads. Teachers are also able to benefit from technology in many ways like using slides or notes to present to a class. All education centers should go paperless because technology is a crucial advancement as it provides us with an easy access and proficient way to learn.

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In addition, we must fight to keep our environment safe. Using up lots of paper can damage precious life and the world we live in. Before I have overused paper in many instances such as long school physical packets, or printing long note packets. If we continue to take advantage of our online resources we can save the nature around us by not cutting down cutting down as many trees.

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To continue, students have wasted crucial time by having to search through unorganized papers that might have been lost or incomplete. With technology, you can decrease that issue by having important documents opened with a simple click of a button. For example, you can save worksheets and projects online on your desktop or server. In my experience, I have also saved time when taking notes by typing quickly on a document with a clear font. Instead of having to swiftly write down information that I won't be able to read because of how sloppy it is.

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On the other hand, some might say that going paperless gives open access for students to take an easy way out by cheating. Since new advancements have allowed students to use plagiarizing AI servers like chat GBT. Plagiarizing is illegal and can result in legal consequences involving the authorities. It is easier for students to access websites for all types of school assignments, in comparison to paper. Most students will not go out of their way to search in a library to find a book to plagiarize as their own. However, they will easily search the web and simply copy and paste information into their document.

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However, the benefits of going paperless for education outweigh the cons of continuing to use paper. Students can unite and learn together during a lecture or presentation. We can efficiently use these tools to help us get the best education. Technology brings people together by allowing us to share content, respond to others, and succeed in online courses just like this one.

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