Five Card Story: California Adventures

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As I stepped out of the taxi my feet landed on the drain in the road, old, rusty and a part of the city. Right in the middle of it said San Fransisco, my final destination. After a long journey through the airports, busses, and taxis, I arrived in my old home town. Walking around everywhere with my black converse sneakers it felt great to be back in the city I loved, visit my old friends and neighbors and relax and have a good time. Tammy, my friend since we were toddlers, would be waiting for me at her house ready to spend a great week together touring the state.
Ever since I landed in San Fransisco it was raining, of course, windy and chilly, but luckily I was wearing my new light blue jeans that kept me nice and warm. Finally when I arrived in the little neighborhood where we used to live it stopped raining, and a magnificent rainbow bloomed from the dark gray clouds, letting a little sun in. Looking around I recognized the same houses, the chairs and swings on the porches and the tall trees standing high above the rooftops. A few more blocks and I would pass my old house, then make my way next door to Tammy! I knocked loudly on the door to make sure everyone would hear me when I suddenly saw Tammy rushing to the door, opening it and giving me the biggest hug ever. "You're here!!!!!", she exclaimed extremely happy that she got to see me in person after 4 long years apart.
That night we had an elaborate slumber party, with pillow fights, movies, popcorn, ice cream and lots of gossip, catching up on all the time we spent apart. Starting the next day we took trips to various places in California including San Diego, Los Angeles, and all the different beaches along the coast. In San Diego we went to the zoo and aquarium where we saw our favorite animal of all times...the seal! We saw the instructors feeding the adult ones and the baby seals swimming back and forth right in fron of our eyes. The next trip was to LA where we exhausted ourselves from non-stop shopping, lunch, and to finish off the day, mini-golf. Now this mini-golf course was like no other. Not only did it have amazingly difficult holes, it had gigantic obstacles such as a palm tree, a pirate, and his grand pirate ship. And guess what? Tammy and I each scored a whole in one!
After many other day and overnight trips throughout the week, we were back in San Fransisco, relaxing and spending some last minute quality time together. We headed down to the beach in the next town over and strolled along the sand wishing this was not the end of my trip. After sitting and playing in the water nearly the whole day, it was time to go back home, away from Tammy and my old life. As I looked back at the sand and the ocean, I saw our footsteps in the sand, a lasting impression of the great state of California, my friendship with Tammy, and a life I missed and loved.

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flickr photo credits: (1) ARckls (2) gshupe (3) gshupe (4) katerha (5) Rachel Smith

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