Five Card Story: Ja'Sarah's Birthday

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a Five Card Flickr story by Tamara created Sep 24 2009, 03:18:10 pm. Create a new one!

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Ja'Sarah and her boyfriend Jamal are walking down the streets of New York. Its her Birthday, September 30th. She's turning 17! Ja'Sarah holding Jamal's hand looking at the stores and her many surroundings, she's excited to see what Jamal planned for her. "Ja'Sarah!" Jamal screams in a concerned voice. "Yeah, whats wrong?" She swings around to look at him. "Your standing over the pot hole, thats dangerous." He said pulling her away. "Oh, im sorry, i forgot you dont like that." Ja'Sarah said rather annoyed that he pulled her so hard. "Yeah, well its ok, Come on!!" He says pulling her arm again as he runs down the street pushing through the crowds of people. "Jamal, where are we going??" Ja'Sarah asks hesitant to follow. "It's a surprise just come on." He says slowing down just a bit so she can keep up. Suddenly he stops. "What is it?" Ja'Sarah says walking up to see what he's looking at. He than points to the street and lines of cops on motorcycles. "Ummmm, what? Ok, they're cops, whats the surprise?" Ja'Sarah says with a rather sad look on her face.
"Its a parade Ja'Sarah, Its for you!" Jamal said hoping she llikes the gift. "Aww, Jamal really? Thats so sweet, this is great." "I was hoping you would say that!" Jamal says smiling. Time goes by and Ja'Sarahs parade is over. Ja'Sarah and Jamal head home. Walking through the door theres a beautiful cake sitting on the kitchen table. "Mom, is this my cake?" Ja'Sarah yells upstairs to her mothers bedroom. "Yes, sweetie enjoy and Happy Birthday!" Her mother yells down to her from he room where shes busy planning the rest of Ja'Sarahs birthday presents. After having a slice of cake Ja'Sarah than walks in her room to find that her laptop had been thrown in the garbage. "Oh No, Ma why is my laptop in the the garbage?" She screams unhappily. "Oh yeah, because i bought you a new one, Its an Apple, just what you wanted." Her mother says walking in her room to bring it to her. "Thanks mom, this is the best birthday ever." "Well its not done yet, come on!" Her mother says walking toward the front door to hop in the car. Driving for 5 minutes the car stops. Ja'Sarah gets out quickly and runs up to the door of her grandmothers house. She than opens the door! "Surprise!" Everyone screams. Ja'Sarah than begins to cry. Happy tears of coarse. "I've never had a birthday party before" she says to everyone there "Thanks you all so much!" She than walks in the kitchen to see millions of chefs cooking up food just for her!! She's happier than ever because her 17th birthday was the best birthday she ever had in her life.

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flickr photo credits: (1) ChocXTC (2) ARckls (3) DavidDMuir (4) gshupe (5) Choconancy1

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