Five Card Story: Sunday Morning Adventure

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"Yesterday, leaves were falling." Ellie tapped her pen against her desk and looked at the photograph she had just taped into her journal. The nigh before it had snowed, and although Ellie was not a fan of snow or taking photographs of it, something felt magical.

Ellie knew Sunday mornings like the back of her palm. Since she was a little girl, Ellie had been spending these early hours in church. Ellie wasn't very religious anymore, but the ritual was too important for her to give away.
So she sat in her usual pew. It was the back left pew, which Ellie was fine with. She rarely had company in her pew. She rarely even listened to the sermon. She just felt some sort of comfort, being able to sit there with her usual Starbuck's coffee and think.
Today, however, she had company. The church was unusually crowded, especially after the snow from the night before, but Ellie shrugged it off like the scarf around her neck.
There was a young girl sitting next to Ellie, who may have been about nine. Not that Ellie noticed the girl or the man next to the girl. Ellie was being Ellie, and thinking about what to write next to the picture she'd taken earlier of her Starbuck's coffee.
Soon enough, the service was over. Ellie was still holding her coffee cup and staring off. Politely, the man who shared her pew taped her on the shoulder. Ellie was a bit startled, but realized that she had placed her books and camera on the girl's mittens. Ellie apologized and exchanged a few words with the man, while learning that he was as into coffee as she was.
Eventually, they found themselves sitting at a small coffee shoppe Ellie had never noticed before. There were dandelions on every table and the creme puffs were the most delicious things she had ever tasted. Ellie had learned that the girl was named Kayla, and the man (who was actually Kayla's older brother) was named Oliver.
Ellie took pictures of just about everything and lost track of time since her and Oliver had been discussing a lot. When it was finally time to go, Ellie and Oliver exchanged email addresses instead of phone numbers. They made plans to do the same thing next week, and maybe try out a few new Cafes. Ellie even told Oliver her secret about the photo scrapbooks and he seemed really interested.
Everything ended with the promise that he'd see the scrapbooks... one day.

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flickr photo credits: (1) jjbirder (2) Danny Nicholson (3) katerha (4) Rachel Smith (5) lnboz

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