Five Card Story: A Nice Fall Day

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One day, a couple was went on vacation. Their plane flew them to an area in Canada where it was pretty chilly. They saw a leaf that they thought was very beautiful. They continued walking around and touring the area. Everyone they talked to was very kind to them, but they were always saying things about an amazing castle that was rumored to have been home to a great king 569 years ago. No one had seen it since a ferocious animal had forced them to leave the area. Now, the couple had been sent to find it. They set off and traveled for many days. Just as they were about to give up hope, they found a garden with sculptures and fountains. Positive that this was the castle they drove back to their original destination through lots of snow to tell the waiting natives of their success. By the time they got back there were many more leaves on the ground. They told the people all about their adventure and were so tired that they immediatly hopped on a plane and headed home. This had been a vacation they could never forget!

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flickr photo credits: (1) katerha (2) krutscjo (3) krutscjo (4) katerha (5) krutscjo

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