Five Card Story: A Story About A Boy.

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The boy is stoked that he made a car. He get's up and act's like superman and has fun with his toy. While he was playing he found a Energy drink, He has no idea what it is he think's it look's cool so he drink's it. Now he's so hyper he go's into his dad's truck and drive's around with it and crash's luckyily he was smart and put his seatbelt on his parent's are glad he's safe but mad he toke the truck. They don't know he toke the energy drink. Then the boy went to sleep and dreampt about a toy. A Sad looking toy that he made and thought it was him in his dream. Waking up into a loud Scream! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!. His mom and dad run into the room and asked what happen what happen. He was so Scared he couldn't speak. Then he ask's his parent's "Am i a toy"? His Parent's reply "You are a boy our boy son ur no toy it was just a bad dream". So they went back to sleep and the next day they made a strawberry cake, And ate it with the whole family.

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