Five Card Story: Skeetball

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One day my family and I wanted to go to the local arcade to play their new game. It was called Skeetball. We all packed into the car and off we went on our ten minuet drive. Of course one of my little brothers had to go to the bathroom so we stopped at the gas station. All of us got out to get candy. While we were in there our car was towed!

They guy took us to the rental shop and we were forced to buy a really small blue car. We couldn't even fit in it. I had to sit on my moms lap. I didn't like this car but it worked so on we went.

Without our GPS we got lost and had to ask a professor at the local college for directions. He told us to continue on the high way and turn off at exit 176.

Finding the exit was easy. Before I knew it we were heading off the high way. The roads were slippery with all of the ice and we had to drive really slow.

Eventually we made it to the arcade and looking through the window I saw the new game. It looked awsome. The sad part was the arcade was closed.

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flickr photo credits: (1) Rachel Smith (2) ARckls (3) Rachel Smith (4) katerha (5) auilix

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