Five Card Story: Cats gone Crazy

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Some cats can be nice and funny at the same time. Their was this cat named Guss and his favorite thing to do is sit on the sidewalk in front of the castle and roll around and tan in the sun. Most of the time people would would walk by and throw a cookie or a treat at the cat for him to eat. Little kids loved to pet Guss when they walked by him. One sunny morning everything was going just right but then there was this cat with a pink and brown cake balancing on it’s back. The strange cat stopped by Guss and asked him if he would like a slice of the ribbon cake. He took the offer and the strange cat pulled out a big knife and started cutting a piece for Guss. Gus and the strange cat for the rest of the day sat and decided to lay, tan and eat cake all day.

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flickr photo credits: (1) auilix (2) spacedlawyer (3) krutscjo (4) ChocXTC (5) spacedlawyer

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