Five Card Story: Oh Ember!

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I haven't seen my cat, Ember, all day. I wonder where that mischevious cat has ran off to now. She has grey fur that is as soft as wool and sparkly green eyes. Ember is always getting into trouble and I always have to go help her.
My name is Alexis. I have short brown curly hair that never goes the way I want it to, brown eyes like chocolate, and glasses. You could say that I am an outcast. My cat is my only friend. If I would ever lose her I would be devastated.
I walk through the open field to the town that is near my house. The clouds are gray and the sky is getting darker by the minute. I hope to find my cat before it starts to rain. The town is very busy today with cars going every which way.
I walk on the long grey sidewalk searching for my beloved cat. I look everywhere. I even ask some people who are walking by. Everyone looks at me like I am a crazy person and tells me to go home, but I continue my search.
I make my way to the end of the town where there is a row of similar white houses. I pass a white house with a car sitting in front of it and see a flicker of gray. It almost looked like a cat's tail...
"Ember," I call hoping that she will come. I wait patiently but of course, she never comes.
I tiptoe up to the front of the house trying not to be seen. You aren't supposed to just walk on to random peoples land. I can't get caught now. What if they call the police?
That's when I see Ember. She is perched on a block of wood in front of the white house. I hide behind the whtie car parked in the driveway.
"Oh Ember why can't you just be lazy liek every other cat?" I whisper into the wind. "Come here Ember!" I yell a little louder.
Ember is startled and she jumps off of the block of wood that she is perched on. She walks over to me and I wrap my arms around her.
That's when I hear a rumble of thunder in the distance. I stand up and start running for home. If I am lucky it won't start raining until I get home.

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flickr photo credits: (1) hummingcrow (2) lesliemb (3) krutscjo (4) jentropy (5) hummingcrow

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