Five Card Story: Another New Home

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We have moved yet again this time to s science filled suburb full of lab geeks. Even the person that built this house was a geek. This was going to be the worst move yet.
"We're here kids." My dad said as he turned our family SUV into the drive. I glared at the shiny metal siding of the house. It seemed to be glaring back at me, or maybe that was just the sun hitting it and coming back but either way I knew I wasn't going to like this house. Slowly I got out of the car stretching my stiff muscles. A two day drive was not good on an athletes muscles. I did a couple toe touches then walked around to the back of the car. My huge dalmations carrier was almost hidden beneath a pile of suitcases but the door had just enough room to open. She hoped down easily and ran around in the yard taking care of her business before going to stratch at the overly shiny door that dad just couldn't seem to get open. We could be here a while.
An hour later a man in shiny silver car showed up and managed to get our door open with a key from his laptop. That was a really unusual thing for me but I guess that was what a geek neighborhood was like. Inside was a little more then freaky when you walked in. There were two large balls on pedistalls and the balls had other littler balls inside them that sent out what looked like electricity. A little farther into the house there was what looked like more medal siding but it was being used as walls. Everything in this house seemed to be either made out of medal chrome or some kind of elctronic globe. Why was there nothing here that wasn't made of stupid geek squad crap?
I couldn't stand it I had to get outside. I ran through the door in the kitchen into a massive backyard that took my breath away. There was a hot tub the size of a pool. It's water was a delicous blue that made me think of the ocean. I just couldn't help myself. i slipped off my shoes and dipped my toes in. The bath warm water slipped up around them like a warm blanket on a cold day. The water felt light and airy compared to the prickly grass. I sat down and put my other foot in. I think I might be able to learn to love this place. After a moment I looked around again. There was a huge retaining wall surrounding the edge of our yard which gave it a seclueded feeling. It was made of light gray bricks that matched the siding. Also to greatest surprise there was a basketball hoop bolted to the wall to my right. This place was really starting to feel like home.
Four hours later the car was unloaded the moving truck had come and gone and i was curled up on my bed with my dalmation beside me. This house was really diffreent campared to my old one but i think I could really learn to love it.

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