Five Card Story: My Day of Happiness

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When I woke up I got a feeling that my day was going to be great. A day where you could go and injoy the outdoors like riding my new four-wheeler and doing stuff with the family. Only reason that I thoug that was it was a cool morning and the temperate was getting hotter.
When I was eating I decided to go and ride the four-wheeler around the pond where I found this exotic lizard. It was only as big as my pinky. When I went to pick him up he opened his mouth trying to bit me which he didn't have any teeth. Well I but him in my hand and went to the house before sunset and put him in a bowl hopping he wouldn't get out. I asked mom if we could go down town and get a aquarium for my newest pet.
As we sit in the heap load of traffic around rush hour I see this amazing view ahead of me. It was like and orangish red at the bottom and as I looked up it was a baby blue like water. The gate of the bridge was right below it and there were some cars in front of us, it looked to me like a photograph. I got an aquarium took it home and was thinking of a name for my pet. When I heard mother yelling, Diner! So I was off of that subject and was goin’ to go and eat, I put the lizard in its new home and went back to play with him later on that evenin'.
Like I said I knew I was goin' to have and amazing day, I got a new pet and got to spent a lot of time with my mom and enjoy the sunset.

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