Five Card Story: The Circle of Secrets

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The tree grew over the wall overnight. The previous day when Anna had stepped out of the house she had noticed the blank wall because that was where she hid to eavesdrop on her creepy Aunt Augusta and the red-hatted stranger who had knocked on the door. Today, the wall was covered with knarly wood and moss. She pulled her coat tighter and began walking around the yard, searching for any other differences that might tell her that she had been sleeping for 20 years, or had certainly gone mad. When she reached the pine forest to the south end of the property, she saw them, twenty to a tree, lining each branch. Little teddy bears, each the same, hung at crooked angles with a string of green yarn. Anna felt her stomach clench and immediately turned back. Something was not right. As she rounded the corner of the barn, she stopped short. Aunt Augusta was standing in a clearing, looking staring down, moving in circles. She moved with a clock-like rythm, looking up only once at a crow that had landed and squalked from a nearby tree. Anna silently slipped into the barn and climbed the wooden ladder into the loft. By leaning out the window, she could see a circle made of pebbles, and Augusta, in the center of the circle, was now leaning intently, deliberately, over spun metal that reached out like compass points. There was something in the center, white and bleached like a large stone. As Anna squinted at the circle, she realized that it wasn't a stone. It was a human skull.

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