Five Card Story: Secret Key

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While taking a walk in the neighborhood park, Riley stopped to peer in between the metal posts of a houses fence. He saw a peculiar art structure that captured his attention because it had a stuffed teddy bear hanging from it on one side.

Riley squeezed through an opening in the fence to get a closer look at the bear. Riley LOVES to pull the stuffing out of stuffed animals and chewing ears and other extremities off of stuffed toys.

The stuffed bear was full of so many scents to interest dogs. He attacked the bear and removed all the stuffing to find a letter and a key inside.

Riley, is not your average dog. He can read with ease. The note described a hidden vat of his favorite treats. In order to access the treats he would have to climb vines up the side of the house and search for a collection of old fake books that hide a secret door.

Riley found the vines and scurried up to the top, which led to a window. As he peered in the window, he saw a collection of books. Riley jumped up to the books several times before being able to move them aside.

At last, Riley captures the key with his teeth. He jumped up to try the key in the door and smacked his snout on the door knob. Gulp! Riley swallows the key. No treats today.

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