Five Card Story: Strange Journey

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The journey was a long one, and we had had very little direction except to "keep straight." We continued forth until we reached a turn in the road. Angered that we could not continue forward on our journey we took it out on the sign before continuing on our way. We needed a spot to rest for the night and we happened upon a bizarre looking building in the middle of no where, it had been abandoned for quite awhile but it would do. The next day we continued on, until our car broke down a small town. It turned out for the best though. We managed to get our clothing mended by a happy tailor and into Jesus Jim Groom who bequeathed upon us a holy hand grenade in the shape of a heart. We thanked him and told him of our car troubles. He did not own a car but did lend us his tractor so that we could continue on our way.

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flickr photo credits: (1) cogdogblog (2) paulhami (3) paulhami (4) nessman (5) paulhami

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