Five Card Story: Friends Forever

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Once apon a time there was a boy named Tommy. He had two dogs that he loved oh so much. One day while out for a walk with his two dogs, Sadie and Charlie, they came about a bird in a car. The dogs barked and Tommy yelled. They ran back to the house to grab something to eat so that they could muster up enough energy to rescure the scared little bird. While they ate and ate till they could move no more, Tommy invited his beeeeeest friend to come along with them after they took a nap to sleep off the food. When Tommy's friend arivied Tommy noticed that he was wearing his favorite blue shirt and blue hat. Tommy and his dogs, along with Tommy's friend, Todd the toy. when they got back to the car they had found that the bird was no longer there. They searched and searched but could not find any trace of the bird whatsoever. So Tommy and his pals started to make their way back home when suddenly something landed on Tommy's shoulder. It was the bird that they had seen earlier that day! Tommy and all his friends were so excited they had a new friend. They ran home and automatically started to play.
The End! :)

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flickr photo credits: (1) lesliemb (2) krutscjo (3) directrix291 (4) Serenae (5) krutscjo

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