Five Card Story: Around the world in 4 flicks

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Ms. Cong was excited to leave her family behind as she began her whirlwind travel. She had been offered 80 frames of film to document a round-the-world trip. The excitement too much. She could not use a single frame on her family, so she had to take one last shot with her smartphone before she took off. Her first stop was in California where she had the chance to visit the wildlife and see the giant Sequoia. She fell in love with a seal at the Monterray Bay Aquarium. Then, like Lindbergh and Earhart, she headed east. The Concord, which had been brouht out of retirement just for this event, whisked her off to Barcelona where she was able to enjoy some fresh fruit at a local fruit stand.
The next leg of her journey was very fast as she traveled tthrough the middle east and then off to Austrailia. The Sydney opera house was as maginificent in person as it is in her 75th frame of film.
When she finally returned home to Japan, she found her home was gone because of a tsunami. The rock on which it had been built was still there, but all of her worldly possessions were gone. Hopefully, her 80 frames of film will make her a success and she'll have a great life after reocvering.

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flickr photo credits: (1) tuchodi (2) ARckls (3) pepe.meneu (4) cogdogblog (5) bionicteaching

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