Five Card Story: Family Trip with a Twist

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Mom and Dad were planning another vacation and we were so excited! They made us wear blind folds in the car until we got to our first surprise location. I could not wait!
When I removed my blind fold, I fond I was on a boat with a very friendly captain named Ted. After a very long boat ride, we arrived at a carnival just before sunset. I hade never seen one before, so I was excited to see the man who could walk on a saw blade in the first Specktacular. Eventually, the sun was gone and night had arrived. Once the lights were all off, a very neat light show began. They even had the trees lining the walkways lit up.
After hours at the carnival, Mom and Dad said it was time to check in to our hotel. My sister and I were excited because we hadn't ever stayed away from home before. Mom must have realized we were frightened because for breakfast, they revealed the biggest surprise: everything we had done was all in our own small city. We ate at our favorite diner just outside of town. Then, we headed to the shopping mall for souvenirs to take home to our friends. This was the best vacation ever!

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