Five Card Story: A Visit to the Forest Lane Neighborhood

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Forest Lane is a delightful neighborhood full of interesting friends. First and foremost is Toby Turtle who lives on the corner rock. Toby tends to be rather slow and cautious, but very faithful in the end. Sometimes people accuse Toby of being shy; claiming he needs to come out of his shell more often. Yet, others respect Toby for who he is, and gives him the privacy and space he desires. Next, we have Sinclair Snake who lives in the bush on Brush road. Sinclair is a rather scholarly snake and spends a great amount of time slithering through books and magazines. While at first Sinclair may seem calm and composed, he can sometimes lose his patience with people and snap at them. So out of self-preservation, we prefer to give Sinclair some distance. Forest Lane would not be complete without mentioning Fernando Frog who lives in the large oak tree on Lakeside Avenue. Fernando will jump to high ends to visit each of his neighbors. Not only has neighbor visitation been high on his priority list, but he’s also the president of the Neighborhood Watch team. He often makes the comment, “I’ve got my eyes on you!” To this day, I’ve never observed him close his eyes. What a loyal neighbor he has been. Next to the Evergreen Tree Lot lives the mysterious Rocky Rabbit. Many within the neighborhood regard Rocky as the “pillar” of the community. Rocky’s stone-faced appearance seldom exhibits any emotion, and he is not easily influenced by societal changes. Some see this as a blessing, and seek his presence in times of change. Finally, we have our new neighbor, Ollie Octopus, who tends to stand out in the crowd. Some refer to Ollie as too flashy and loud, but others believe him to be bright and cheerful. Whatever your opinion of Ollie may be, he is a member of our beloved Forest Lane neighborhood. Would you like to be our neighbor too?

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) bionicteaching (3) bionicteaching (4) lesliemb (5) Serenae

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