Five Card Story: A Turtle's Tale

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Finally! The day I had been waiting for finally had come. The day where I went from being a regular domesticated pet to a rebel loner. As I was being placed on the ground my life flashed before my eyes. I set off slowly on my journey having really no idea of where I was going. It's a good thing I was slowly taking my time because I almost stepped on a sleeping python. Or at least I thought he was sleeping. He was actually watching what he was planning to have for lunch. He was so still I really did think he was sleeping! The python asked me where I was going and I told him I had no idea. The python told me to continue on my path and I would come across a great psychic that had very large ears and she would tell me the way. When I reached this “psychic” she neither told me where to go nor did she even move. I began to wonder what the python was talking about. I waited until dark because I didn’t know what to do. I was becoming very hungry and was craving seafood. You won’t believe what happened next! I looked up and I couldn’t believe my eyes but, right next to the big eared psychic I had been waiting on to speak and tell me where to go was a seafood restaurant! It had bright neon lights and a large octopus and sea shell on the sign. It was so weird because I didn’t remember seeing it before…maybe she really was psychic?

To Be Continued...

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