Five Card Story: The Geeker Beeker.

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Once there lived a very rare bird called a Geeker Beeker.

Ornithologists only new of one remaining bird left on the planet.
Until one day a stockbroker, who was a closet bird watcher, spotted a male Geeker Beeker living high up on a ledge on one of the World Trade Towers.

Bird watchers came from all corners of the globe as well as David Attenborough and his team to marvel at the near extinct exotic bird.

Now, there were two bird's in existence , a male and a female.

The female lived high up in an a protected ivory tower over looking the sea and guarded by Loyal Green Peace activists.

The question now was, how would they catch the male bird to pair it with the female and hope they reproduced.

The media went crazy and the whole world stopped and waited for a miracle.

Then Out stepped Patrick Jobs, Steve Jobs only son.

He spoke to the media and gave the world a very heart felt message.

He said he would sell his only home an Organic Apple Farm to raise funds for the careful capture of the male Geeker Beeker and the release of the female.

And that he would build a massive big topical enclosure the size of Hide Park for them to live in and breed.

This was going to protect them from harm and replicate the Amazon Jungle were they originally originated from.

To cut a long story short, it worked! Patrick built the enclosure and he also built himself a fun little tree house out of recycled materials and stuff in the enclosure for himself to live in.

He lived happily watching the bird's and their new babies enjoy their carefree life.
Now, there are many Geeker Beekers in the world, wild ones and some in captivity.
Geeker Beekers have now become very famous and this encouraged Patrick to take up Taxidermy. Now when he finds a dead one he stuff's it and sell's it on Ebay to help suppliment his income and feed the bird's.

He looks a bit different now, he's grown a big beard and his hair is longer too, and he doesn't wear glasses anymore either because he doesn't sit in front of the computer all day straining his eyes like he used to. So, to end it here, I would like to take this opportunity to Thank Patrick from all the bird lovers around the world, for saving the near extinct Geeker Beeker. :>

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