Five Card Story: My childhood

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As a child, I always complained in life that I didn't get to experience anything. Sigh, life sucks for me. However, now that I have grown 3/4 of a decade I realized my parents did a lot to make my childhood years a joyful occasion. When I was younger, trips around the world were cheaper. Thankfully, my father had saved enough money for our family to go to Hawaii. I was 6 but it was an amazing family bonding trip and I find it very difficult to forget about it. After 2nd Grade, my family and I moved to the apartments in front of Quilchena park. There I met a new best friend and his dog. He had an exact dog like the picture above and for 4 years we had the most excitement a child could ask for. We had sleepovers and stayed up playing Nintendo together, we pretty much were seen together 24/7, and we went places like lazer tag and even church together. Before he moved to the States, his house was my 2nd home and it was all because of my parents choice to move to a better area for education. Anyways, in grade 3 my father and mother wanted the family to go to the states. We weren't very sure where we should go but somewhere, Disney Land, Disney World, and Universal Studios were suggestions but we had already been there (lucky me). So, my father found out a very famous Zoo in San Diego. We went there and saw elephants, joeys, and my personal favorite, the male lion. At that age, I had recently saw the Lion king and it was my favourite movie at that time. As time passed, my sister, father, mother and I found the love of snow. With other business friends of theirs, I remember going to Grouse and Whislter countless times. It was certainly a joyous time.

Pictures explain a lot. For me, it explains some of my childhood trips. I was ungrateful to my parents for creating such a wonderful childhood, but now, as I age, I understand how much they did for me. Now, I must walk my own path and find more happy experiences by myself.

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