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I remember the first time I held a camera, it was empowering! My dad finally let me hold and take pictures on his camera after asking and whining forever on letting me take pictures. I always like to take pictures of nature and people but not portraits, or group portraits-people looking directly into a camera. I took pictures of the sky, trees, kids playing, foods I ate, and many other things. Before I knew it, my passion for taking picture and photography was budding and growing.
Soon after, I found myself walking down many different paths but I wasn't alone, I had my twin sister with me. Where ever I go, I always had my sister right beside me. Laughing, playing, and arguing we were always together.
Later on in my life, I found another passion, and it was baking. Baking yummy food is always fun. Learning new recipes, and making it your own, making your creations stunning and beautiful was something I also always enjoy. Baking is something I always do with my sister, we would look at cookbooks and pick out recipes we would do together and we make it. It sometimes doesn't turn out the way we liked but we always have an enjoyable and entertaining time making it.

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