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I was born in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1996. I grew up and lived downtown for many years, with my twin sister and parents. Living downtown was exciting, and it is where some of my best memories were made. Being in the middle of an urban area, there was always something to do when you walked out the door. There were events, festivals and a lot of people around. However, we also lived close to the beach, where we could go to relax. I remember going for walks, and playing on the sand at English Bay almost every day in the summer; the beach was practically my backyard.

In my childhood, the most important thing to me was having fun. I remember playing with friends, playing sports, and playing with toys. My most favourite toys to play with were toy cars. I had a big box of my favourite cars, big and small, and I would used to spend all day playing with them. They were really important to me, and to me, playing with them was a source of freedom and excitement.

When I was younger, the thing I most looked forward to was going camping, with my family and my godparents. It was a yearly tradition for our family to travel to Squamish. It was a chance for us to get away for a few days in the quiet wilderness. For me, going camping was thrilling, doing it while spending time with my parents, sister, and godparents made it even better. I have great memories of going hiking in the forest, skipping rocks in the ocean, and roasting marshmallows around the campfire with my family.

Now that I look back at what I have experienced, I would say that I was lucky to have such a great childhood. From the fresh cooking and baking everyday from my mom, to the support I’ve received from my dad and sister, I have been fortunate. I have met many nice people in my life, through school and community, who remain important to me today. I hope that the years ahead of me are just as great, and I wish that I can achieve any goal that I set out for.

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