Five Card Story: Joy of Books

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Ever since I read my first book at the tender of four, I've been hooked. To me, books were the best toys, better than Barbies. Even when I was introduced to the sacred art of "hanging out," books continued to have a special place in my heart. They were the main cause of my vampire-like tendencies, much to the displeasure of my friends. Fortunately, we all remained close until the end of elementary school.

I find it appalling that our history contains incidents where books were burned. However, I'm quite familiar with the ruining of books, as I just recently had to pay a fine for staining some library books with the contents of my lunch. This helped me learn a valuable lesson: never trust cheap, dollar-store quality lunch containers. I'm also the queen of library fines (I currently owe almost forty dollars in overdue fines).

I think the only thing that's remotely negative about books is how addictive they can be. I would need a million sets of hands to count the number of nights I've been kept awake because I just had to finish one more sentence, paragraph, or chapter. At one point, it got so bad that I was getting only five or six hours of sleep a night. I can also remember another period of time where the need to read books aided me in my efforts to procrastinate on my homework. I aptly named that time, "The Dark Ages." My marks definitely took a beating as a result.

Books, to this day, continue to be successful in reeling me in with intricate stories and characters. I haven't been reading as much as I'd like though, but I hope to fix that as soon as possible.

By as soon as possible, I really mean as soon as I manage to scavenge some funds to pay my fines.

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