Five Card Story: The german has a change of heart

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17 December, Munich.

The year passed very fast, I have the sensation that it wasn't nice for me. The routine of my life, permeated with lack of freedom, and a lot of work, makes me think about the sense of life. Where is the fun ? Where is the good stuff of the life ? I have lot of money, but I am not happy. I will make a trip with my friends, I will try to forget my ruled life, and try to enjoy the good things that the life can give for me.

26 December, Munich.

I travalled to Rio de Janeiro, I spend nine days on the most beautiful city on the World. My friends went with me, and we visit Buzios, where we went to the beach, and have a lof of fun. We rent a very nice boat, and I made lof of beautifil trips, on the cost of Rio de Janeiro.
Me, with a good connoisseur of vegetables, taste lot of brazillian dishes.
My christiams was very exciting, we went to a beutiful party, with lot of bands. Me and my friends liked very much our christimas night.
Yeah, in ten years, I wasn't so happy, like I was in this 9 days. I have a change of heart, I felt frustrated and sad, no I am a new guy.
Yes, the life it's not just accumulate material stuff.

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