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a Five Card Flickr story by Victoria A. created Mar 19 2012, 08:25:05 pm. Create a new one!

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One day, when I was young,like 6 years old, I got into a bookstore, with the nanny, just to know how it was in there.I was impressed with the amount of books, I only knew the children's book, because my parents didn't influenced the reading, they worked the whole day and when they got home they were still working on the computer
There an old man asked me if liked to read, I was a little afraid about his big eyes looking at me, but I replied that I'd never read books unless the children's one. Then he took me to another room with more books than the first.For me that was like a paradise! As my parents weren't present in my social life I found myself in the books, they were my parents at that time.
In the course of time I started writing my own books and in September 5, I invited my mother to go with me to an event about books. She didn't knew that I would be one of the honored writers at the event, because she didn't know me very well, we didn't live together anymore. In the event I received the award for best writer of Latin America. My mother was kinda excited, happy for me, but don't think she wanted me to be a writer, but anyway she wasn't my mother, but the books were my mother and my father. But now I do not care anymore about what she thinks of me, I'm a writer.

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