Five Card Story: Together we are more

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All started a normal day of class in a school in Eldorado Misiones province high school San Jose, when will you inform students that a coworker had an disease called leusemia, took into account that this disease is a very expensive treatment and wanted help to the and his family to move forward.
With all this when ideas magnificent as raffles, donations and up a solidarity festibal.The festibal was a success because together over $50,000 to help this family, the success of this festibal was work of the students of the schools, parents who helped, a channel of television and their own managers and teachers.The students fifth began to organize the great festibal looking for bands of music, dance or any number artistic that could collaborate with them, one of the problems that arose was the legal arrangements with the municipality I talk a lot about that topic already it was very important to move forward with this project decieron postpone it for later, but it was difficult for the boy need the money now,170but this problem took not much to be fixed since a parent of a student of 5th volunteered to donate those necerarios arrangements to continue forward with the idea of the festibal.
On June 30 the day of the festibal, met at 2 p.m. in the america Street where he was to carry out this project the students in the school San Jose to start the preparation, the decorative and finalize details, also helped the two men ill sister, they inflated balloons, placed the drinks and meals donated families that sold and also orderon the stage and chairs.High people it took to finish decorating since had that hang the balloons for the 6 pm hour of the festibal decoration was finished and the sale of food and beverage jobs have already begun to operate. Students of 5th had the polls place where each person helped by placing money (which could) each of which placed in the boxes your collaboration resivia a number would then be drawn and win some award that they donated several shops in the city.
It was incredible the way in which persons participated and collaborated with this event, the truth that was truly amazing knowing that there is solidarity, not only in the city of eldorado if not perosan to its surroundings. Many of the guys that had the polls with decieron go by some restaurants and red traffic lights help more close to the event. Also resivian donations via phone since many of those who could not participate tambioen worked from their homes.
In the middle of the night the animator makes a call to the family of chico patient and spoke in front of all the audience first with the father who thanked everyone for ayududarlos and then speaks the protagonist of everything that was happening, also appreciates all the people who have helped and mainly thanks to all colleagues that they made it possible I send greetings to his sisters, his niece and her friends dicendo that them missed much,It was exciting to inclucibe for people who did not have the honor of knowing him.
As you can see throughout history this solidarity festibal was more than a success and hiso more than help a single person, if not that also helped many grow sindo solidarity to doing something to someone without expecting anything in return, and feel good about just the fact to help who really need it.

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flickr photo credits: (1) cogdogblog (2) Larry Johnson (3) Serenae (4) lesliemb (5) bionicteaching

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