Five Card Story: All Around

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Was nearly 7 pm when two blocks from the Thomas´s house, Jhon and Bryan were coming. Two years ago they were friends and despite all the problems that everyone had always managed to overcome difficulties.
Bryan was a tall, thin (just a matter of genetics), Creole skin, looking remarkably attractive. Generally it was fun and lively, but had his bad days. John was a person blonde, thin and of normal stature. His personality was very happy too, could easily socialize with others. But unlike Bryan, John was angry seriously. His childhood was very hard, so it made ​​him a very serious person on the choices that took.
They arrived of Thomas´s house, and found Barney, Lenny, Carld, Johnny and Grey. Bryan greeted Lenny. He was a foreign, green eyes and of normal weight. It was usually very quiet, not for being a shy person, but because it was part of his personality. Near there, you could hear the laughter of John and Barney, which was already used to listen every time they were together.
It was eleven o'clock at night and they were all gathered there to go to the party finally approaching "the end of the world." It had arrived an hour before Marv, the only missing the group, which was always late, and as usual John was getting impatient. It was 11:30 pm, everything was ready, in the order of Ivan Tomas Bryan, John, Johnny, and Grey, while in the car ivan Carl Barney, Lenny and Marv. He could notice a dark atmosphere. The fog invaded the city and the moon was just bright, but that did not stop many teenagers leave their homes and headed the party so badly it was announced and expected. The "World's End" took place in a field located several kilometers from the city for legal reasons. He knew that the organizing group had anteriomente conflict with the law and had to circumvent it.
Along the way, began to rain heavily, which made the dirt road its hard to move back.
Thomas, saying nothing, followed the path without asking where it was. Similarly, none knew which was the right way.
The rain was becoming more intense, and the road became less visible and more muddy.
They found a cross, and decided the fate decides his fate. Continued for several miles, until they realized they were more lost than before. Thomas pauses for a moment because it crosses a deer, but as Barney came too fast and could not see anything, crashes into Thomas's car. They got the car and realize that Grey had recieved a direct hit of the accident. Johnny could not believe it, Grey had died.
Decide between tears and despair, remain together until dawn, and so seek help because cell phones did not work.
Dawned. It was very cold and fog surrounded the car. Bryan out of the car and notes that are in the midst of a forest. Leaving their belongings, walked back for help, but the incessant rain, formed a small lake that forced them to cross the forest. With no other option, they decided to cross it. John, recalled an old story that took place in those woods. It was a young man who had committed a slaughter, killing a group of students who were in camp. Johnny, very scared, try to forget this story and do not realize that the group is lost and no longer know him.
It was getting dark and still remained in the forest. Suddenly, you hear behind the group, the sound of footsteps. They decide to run for no reason, just for the fear that pervaded all even more.
The first tire was Barney, who by his overweight, died of cardiac arrest. The other without realizing they run. John, Lenny and Bryan, they stop to rest and lose sight of the rest of the group. Later, the horror invaded his eyes, all his friends were cut to pieces, blood mixed with earth and entrails were scattered around the place. They were paralyzed by the situation, until a blow serca of them reacted. In the distance, they see a man running towards them and desperately try to escape. The road had never end, in front of them saw only forest and ran behind the death in a hurry. You could imagine his terrible end, it was only a matter of time before their bodies had the same fate as his friends. Still did not stop running, it was as if nothing really matters more than survive this nightmare.
After despair, Bryan encountered falling to the ground without any escape, the man was already ensima him and there was nothing else to do. Luckily this gave him time to John and Lenny to run and lose sight of the killer.
Suddenly, they hear a familiar voice was that of Johnny. This detain them, and scared says:
-What happened? Where were they?
John replies:
-We still a killer! We must run!
-Wait, says Johnny.
Lenny sierta note tranquility in the face of Johnny, a very rare tranquility in it.
John replies:
-No! Run!
John turns to run, and confronts the killer, without leaving even breathe, kills him with a machete. At the same time as John dies, Johnny cuts the neck of Lenny.
2 hours later, police arrive with criminology and find Johnny crying inconsolably for the alleged murder of his friends. He tells what happened, but hides its truth.
The End

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