Five Card Story: Step 4: Turning Worries into Worship

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It has been almost a year since my father was deployed to Iraq. So far, communication has been limited. He has called three or four times, and once we were lucky enough to Skype, though the video feed was choppy at best. His absence was especially difficult during the Memorial Day parade. I couldn't help but thinking what my life would be like if my father lost his in Iraq. This nagging fear has buried itself deep in my subconscious ever since we saw him off months ago. We're all greatly anticipating his return this Christmas, but my excitement is drowned out with anxiety over his safety. I decided to resort back to the Steps I had learned. Instead of dwelling on what could be, I began to thank God for what has been and is. I thought back to my childhood, and how much my father invested in my life, and how he cared for me. Many children grow up never knowing their father, or having a father who doesn't take an active interest in them like mine had. It also helped to think about how wonderful the rest of my family is, and what a blessing they are to me. God, being the Heavenly Father, would not give to us a snake should we ask for bread, but rather would give and does give us exactly what we need. Remembering the good things in my life and that God loves me even more than my earthly father does helped me to put aside my fears and join in on the excitement for my father's return.

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