Five Card Story: Romeo and Romeo

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They met by the fire.

It was a welcoming party for the incoming freshmen; the outdoor firepit was crowded with students, all trying their best to hide their anxiety about meeting so many new people. Justin shied away from the group. He preferred solitude over forced conversation. He didn't want to have to answer the same typical questions over and over again - where are you from, what classes will you be taking, what's your major?

He was sitting on the stone edge, warmed by the flames, watching it dance and crackle with mild interest and wondering if he could base his next dance routine off it, when someone nearby gave a deep sigh and perched himself next to him.

"Hi," the boy greeted, an easy smile on his face as warm as the flames.

Justin hoped the darkness of the night hid his blush. "H-Hi."

"I'm guessing this isn't your kind of thing?" the stranger inquired, indicating the cluster of people around them. The firelight caught in his eyes and make them shine like crystallized honey.

"No, not really," Justin said with a tiny, breathy laugh.

The dark-haired boy studied him for a moment, then held out a hand. "My name's Drake, by the way."

Justin took it without hesitation, a genuine smile crossing his face for the first time all night. "Justin. It's nice to meet you."

"Trust me," Drake winked. "The pleasure's all mine."


They became inseparable; friends, best friends, then boyfriends. They spent all four years of college together (minus a month-long break up in their junior year that left them both emotional wrecks, until Drake finally appeared outside his dorm room window with a bouquet of white orchids, Justin's favorite flowers). Justin, a Dance and Biology double-major, was recruited by a dance group based in New York. Drake, an English major, got signed with a publishing agency in his senior year for a four-book series, even though he'd only sent out the first one.

Right after graduation, they drove across the country together to New York, where they got a tiny little apartment with a leaky sink and the omnipresent aroma of coffee. Drake wrote; Justin danced.

And when they got married three years later, the flower arrangements were white orchids.

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