Five Card Story: Vacation

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"How is it?"

"Oh, I could definitely get used to this..."

Olivia's laughter echoed down the line, and Lucy pressed her phone closer to her ear, wishing she could be hearing it in person. She kept one eye on her son, Kevin, as he splashed around in the shallow end of the pool, squealing with joy. The sight made her smile.

"So it's just as pretty as you remembered?"

"Even more so," Lucy sighed contentedly, relaxing back into her lounge chair. The sun was high in the sky; a gentle breeze rustled the palm trees; the sound of her son's laughter filled the air. Lucy couldn't even recall the last time she'd been this at peace. "If heaven is a place on Earth, I think I found it."

Olivia laughed again. Lucy could hear the telltale sound of fingernails against keys in the background. "Olivia!" she pretended to scold. "Are you working right now?"

"I'm sorry, babe, but I need to get this proposal finished before I leave tonight. I promise you still have my full attention, though."

"Yeah, sure, sure," she muttered, only teasing. She knew her fiancé worked hard; it was why she and Kevin had taken this trip on their own. Olivia couldn't afford to take the week off. Lucy, on the other hand, owned her own flower shop, so she just had her assistant take over for the handful of days she was out. It was summer; Kevin wouldn't miss any school. It was the perfect rouse.


"I wish you were here," Lucy murmured. "It's not the same without you."

The sound of typing ceased. "I know, sweetie, I'm sorry," Olivia sighed. "You know I would have loved to join you two."

Lucy didn't like hearing Olivia so forlorn. She immediately tried to cheer her up. "Well, in a couple months you'll be stuck with me forever. We'll have all the time in the world to come back. Together."

The smile was back in her fiancé's tone. "I can't wait."


"Mama! Mama!"

Lucy glanced away from the lake to see her son clambering up the bank towards her. "What is it, buddy?"

"I made a tree for you!" he proclaimed proudly. The face paint from the carnival they'd gone to yesterday was still evident on his cheek; Lucy hadn't been able to scrub it off the night previous.

"You made a tree?"

"Come see, come see!"

She laughed at his insistence. "Alright, I'm coming, calm down." She hauled herself to her feet and followed Kevin over to one of the trees near the water's edge. He scrambled around its roots until he found what he was apparently looking for, because he pointed up at it and proudly repeated, "I made a tree for you and Oli!"

Lucy quickly saw what he was indicating - the letters carved into the trunk. OK and LG. Her and Olivia's initials. She felt her eyes prick with tears and she blinked rapidly to keep them at bay.

"That's so sweet of you, honey. Thank you!" She crouched down and pulled Kevin into her arms, hugging him close.

"Do you like it?" he pressed.

She lifted him up and set him on her hip. "I love it," she assured, tapping him playfully on the nose. "And I'm sure Olivia will love it too. What do you say we go back to the hotel and order room service for dinner?"

He cheered and she set him back down so that he could run ahead. Lucy then pulled out her phone and quickly snapped a picture of his carving. She sent it to Olivia with the caption, 'Look what Kevin made for us. Guess it's really official now.'

Olivia responded at once. 'I always knew that kid was a smart one. ;)'

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