Five Card Story: The Cave of The Elders

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Once upon a time there was a Indian Chief his name was Following Cloud. This chief had a small snake that would whisper into the chiefs ear, the snake could see deep in to the far and near future. One night the snake had foretold a vision that would change the face of the known earth."Fire would stretch across the land and brand there people into out casts and they will bring weapons that would roar like thunder and would bring unforgiving illness". The chief had heard nothing like it before and all that he had known did not help him to find out if the vision was true. Now fear had struck his eyes he knew that the snake would not lie but he was in disbelieve there could be no such evil on this land. So he had set off to the ancient cave of there elders to figure if this was true. He had to cross In through the ancient city passing down the long alleys and deep in to the city to the cave. When he got there the room was filed with the bodies of there elders. Then on his knees he spoke of the vision then he said "Tell me elders what is to come to my people?". Then a faint voice spoke to the young chief "YOUR PEOPLE NO, EVERYONE, EVERY TRIBE WILL FALL, THEY WILL DIE AND BE PUSHED TO EXTINCTION". "No, it can't be" said the chief. "HEAR ME YOUR PEOPLE ARE DOOMED, BUT TELL THIS TO YOUR PEOPLE AND ALL PEOPLE...". Several hours later he came out of the cave and looked at the skull at the entrance of the cave and said "Could this be the beginning to the end of our people?" and it said back "YOUR PEOPLE WILL SURVIVE AS LONG AS YOU CONTINUE TO HEAD TO THE SUN SET". Looking down he then walked slowly back to his people.

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) bionicteaching (3) Serenae (4) cogdogblog (5) Serenae

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