Five Card Story: Cobra Prisoner

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Back in the 1800's there used to be a land called Petyor. In the land of Petyor it was believed that birds could help solve crimes but only during the winter in the colder weather because they would then need to be warmed up and since the humans had helped them they would do a favor in return, but alas this was not true because after hundreds of years trying to get the answer outta them the simply couldn't. This was all very true until one day a small bird fell outside the great kings gate, king Melfador, on a snowy morning. king Melfador looked at the bird for a while, and then slowly walked outside with the flakes from the cloudy sky above falling into his massive grey beard, then when he was only a few feet away from this small bird, the bird called out "The place where a killer you'll find, is where the message is put into the mind" and then the bird let it's majestic wings out and flew with the wind into the fog above.

After a long thought of this message, king Melfador saw it was clear that the bird was insane, but still decided to carry on with the research just incase. He ended up calling a village meeting to see if anyone could help him out, but all including the wizard thought he was lying and just pulling their legs because birds don't talk. king Melfador was so upset he gave up on his research and left it as that.

About a year or so later the village people were running about saying "someone has been killed, help quickly, someone has been killed!" Now the village was going crazy and the king didn't know what to do because the village is usually so calm. He went to investigate on what was going on and how come it had happened. He got told it was down by the ocean where the jagged rocks are, but no information on why it had happened so he went down to the ocean where the jagged rocks are and saw the bird he had seen about a year ago, sitting on the dead person's body saying "you should've listened to me, people think you may be crazy but now this has happened." King Melfador just stood there only feeling guilt for what had happened and that he had to do something, his thoughts were interupted though when the bird said "The place where a killer you'll find, is where the message is put into the mind"

King Melfador knew what he had to do, he had to go everywhere asking the same old question "do you put a message in people's minds?" but no one said yes, research didn't help either, so he had to wait, wait for the birds arrival again and get the answer out of him.

In October that year, another murder had been made, king Melfador went don to the body, this time by what looked like what was a motel, it had a wonderful garden scene at the front with the motel behind it with grey down the bottom quater, sky blue in the next bottom quater then grey then white with baby blue curtains on the side. the body was just laying in the middle of the garden scene, except no bird. This made king Melfador annoyed, but he didn't show it, he just waited there for the bird to come, he waited and waited and waited but it was no use, because when it was dark and everybody was asleep the bird did not come, it was only until he turned around he saw the birds chirp "If you want the answer you will not get it out of me, try the wizard but it will not be free" and with that the bird flew off.

The king went over to the wizard's cave and asked what it did mean, but as the bird said it wouldn't be free. The wizard was lonely, all he wanted was the company of a lady and the answer would be his. King Melfador knew what he had to do just didn't know how to do it. He looked all over the village, but no lady was willing to help except for the prisoner he had held up for many years in his dungeon, she said she would do anything to get out of there but the king wasn't sure about the idea, it gave him a bad feeling inside of his stomach, but then again the wizard did say he wanted a lady's company so with that the prisoner was out of the dungeon and with the wizard. When he got to the wizard again the wizard was very pleased to see her and said he would have the answer ready tomorrow and sent to his castle immediately, the king didn't mind much at all about this so he went to his castle, but he knew something still wasn't right.

The next day king Melfador waited for the answer to arrive, only to see that his gut was correct because on the letter it said "Thank you very much for the lady's company, the only answer that came out of my question ball was prison, so there you have it prison is the answer to your question
yours since" the letter had finished there, that wasn't like the wizard. King Melfador went over to the wizards cave to see if he was alright, but when he got there he saw his dead body over his writing table with a knife in the back of hi head. The king read the letter again and saw what he had done. He went back to his castle down to the dungeon into the girls prison cell, and saw a hole in the back of the room where she used to always sit. This hole lead through the ground and into the village up into her old shop " Dimes and Chimes." The king was really angry right now, he looked behind himself and saw a young boy who suddenly said quietly "I'm the bird, I am here to help you catch the murderer." The king was shocked at this, he had so many questions for the boy, but then he left the shop and back out into the village. King Melfador hurried along behind him not knowing where he was going or what the were going to be doing all he knew was that he needed to trust this boy and follow him.

The boy stopped when the got to a peek watching over a massive city with only their lights on, it was an amazing sight, but the king didn't know how it got there saying he had been in his village for such a long time. The boy wasn't looking at the city though but above them at the clouds, the king was confused asking himself why he would be looking at the clouds and not at the magnificent city until he looked at the clouds and saw letters in them spelling "YOJIMBO."
The king just stared at the word, but when he looked back down the boy was running down the peek into the city, so of course the king followed him down the slope and only just seeing in the distance the word again "YOJIMBO"

They went inside the shop only to find out it was empty but the boy went into the attic only to find the girl from the prison snacking away on the flesh of the people she had killed, when she saw the king and boy in there though she dropped the flesh and said " what are you doing in here, how did you find me?" These questions seemed to be answered already though when the boy somehow turned back into the bird, the prisoner seemed surprised but then turned into a cobra and then it got weird because for no reason the king somehow turned into a lion! This was all very confusing for the king because he never knew he could do that, he found it truly awesome though and so the battle began, the cobra had no chance, it tried to slither about and escape but she was no match for the lion and the bird for the bird picked the cobra up with its beak and the lion caught it with his jaw's.

When they got back to the village the prisoner was sent into a metal prison for the rest of her life and as for the bird, well he became the new prince and after that the village was back to being calm and there lives could carry on peacefully in the land of Petyor.

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flickr photo credits: (1) Rachel Smith (2) bionicteaching (3) Serenae (4) bionicteaching (5) Serenae

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