Five Card Story: The Trip

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It was a long ride in the car melissa was seated next to me and and jhon was ridding in the back of the car.
The only thing we were able to see was the road surrounded by trees and mist it was so early that ir was ghard to stay awake.
Even the day seem cold we finally got to our destiny it was a white sandy beach with clear water and my friend and I were ready to have some fun.

we were swimming when suddenly I noticed that jhon wasnt around so with melissa next to me all the time we started walking and we got to a house we werent able to see that much just a bir red tril with black and cold metal stairs we started going up and it started getting darker when we finally arrived to the entance of the house it was beautifull it had a tree in front of it wich it had lost its leaves because of the fall and never got them again it was old and dar except for a light inside the house a yellow light from a candle.
Melissa was really scared but i told her we still needed to find jhon, when we got to the house there was nopthing but the candle and no one else we were stonished by the dark and the cold inside the house when i felt a hand moving my arm from behind and someone callinfg me mike, mike, mike i turned around and opend my eyes and I saw jhon he said _ wake up mike we're here mom says we'll fly some kytes, thats when i realized it was just a dreaming.

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