Five Card Story: Billy The Conquistador

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Billy grew up in an old amusement park boneyard, with all of the rejected/broken down amusement rides. His father was the owner of the property, so their house was on site. This lead to his amazingly vast power of imagination. Everyday he ran and played among the various rides, creating fantastic stories in which he played the heroic protagonist. His friends from school would often play as well, engaging in their fantasy driven play. As they got older, they engaged in other activities, riding their bikes all over town, blowing things up with fireworks bought from the local stand, but always returning to their fortress of imagination. One day, a franchise specialist bought the adjacent lot in order to build a McDonald's restaurant. Billy, being in high school and dabbling in real-estate speculation, knew that once the McDonald's was complete, the specialist would buy his fathers boneyard as it was considered by most to be an eyesore of the highest degree. Billy and his friends devised a plan to take care of this specialist. The contractors had assembled all their materials and had begun breaking ground when the kids' plot came to fruition. One moonless night long after all the workers had gone home, the boys snuck into the compound and sabatoged all he materials with fireworks and gasoline. A safe distance away, the boys lit their fireworks and watched the entire job site go up in flames. Billy's face, lit by the enormous flames and adorned with a Spanish Conquistador helmet, formed a wry smile as he watched the lot return to its former state. After the business plan realized a crippling loss, the franchisee had to abandon his plans for a new McDonald's. Erected on the land in its place was a beautiful fountain. The boys regarded the fountain as a symbol of their success and their childhood. Over the years, the land was deftly developed and swallowed up by the nearby city despite the boys' efforts and wishes. Long, long after the boys had grown and moved to distant cities and started families themselves, Billy returned to the fountain year after year to reminisce on his childhood.

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