Five Card Story: Burglars Can Dream

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The old burglar, now seated in an electric chair, let out a drawled out sigh, "I told you. I told you this would happen.... my poor, dear Shamoo.."
"Listen, thief, we usually don't do this, but-.." he muttered a few words to himself, trying to make the next part clear as air, "if.. IF, you can give us a good reason, we'll release you."
"But sir, we can't-"
"Back down, Johnson. Sometimes there's a reason for things..."
With a blunt snort, the accused woman began her story from the start. From when things started going downhill,
"I wasn't always like this; I used to be a fairly respectable woman. That is, until he came along. At first I just ignored him, and went on my way. 'Nothing good will come of this, Gertrude,' is what I had thought, and it looks like I wasn't wrong," the burglar, by the name of Gertrude, motioned to her current place before continuing, "You see, he was different. When I was with him, I felt that I could do anything, and be whoever I wanted to be. So we tried to steal the king's dinner. Thought he wouldn't miss it, but-...." a tear trickled down her eye, "that was also wrong... Enraged, he- he.. he ate him! He ate my precious friend, Sammy!" Gertrude broke out sobbing, before adding in, "I will never forget that slug..."

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flickr photo credits: (1) Serenae (2) Serenae (3) Serenae (4) Intrepidteacher (5) directrix291

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