Five Card Story: Theater in the Darkness

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I'm sure you don't know this (and I didn't, either, until last summer), but a kingdom-ful of imps live in my Aunt Debbie's garden, in back of her house by her pool. For a time, it was thought that only frogs moved into the creek with mushrooms staggered above it like a staircase, but now, of course, I'm the only one who knows that's not true.
One night, I was going to the theater with my mother and father, to a play called "The Black and Cold 'Stone Dark'". I didn't know much about the play, not even much about the theater, but all I knew was that I felt awed by the majestic stone lions flanking the entrance hall.
While I was in the hallway getting up for intermission (my parents let me go alone, if only I promised to get them raspberry scones), a praying mantis fluttered onto my outstretched hand. It vibrated words that reached my ears; if only that was true, I would be thrilled! But I knew the only really reasonable explanation was that there was someone nearby talking, not the insect at all. It was saying, "Take me to your aunt's house. At least tell me the directions; I'll transport you there." I felt my breath catch in my throat. But it was a coincidence; it just HAD to be! Soon, I had unsurely whispered the directions aloud. There WERE imps, after all--so why couldn't there be talking bug imps? I only had time to select two delicious make-your-own raspberry scone kits, and all I could hear was the angry merchant, and all I could see was him shaking his fist at me. Presently, a few curses joined the mix. I knew I shouldn't, given the circumstances, but I giggled. The bug soon echoed my laugh.

Now Pastel lives in a happy kingdom in my aunt's backyard, a Chinese-style hut, along with all the other imps living there. Among them are fairies, elves, and a friendly goblin named Hunter.

And I am still the only one who knows the creatures are true.

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flickr photo credits: (1) bionicteaching (2) bionicteaching (3) bionicteaching (4) Serenae (5) Intrepid Flame

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