Five Card Story: the perfect trip

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It was a monday night, I was doing my english homework when suddenly my mom called me, she told me we were having dinner in a mexican restaurant.
"Why are we having dinner out"? I said, "I have a surprise for you" she said.

We arrived at the place and I order some enchiladas, then I asked what was the surprise, she said me " lately you had worked very hard on you english class and you have good grades, we are going on a trip to Las Vegas! and the best thing is hat we are staying in the Wynn!". I couldnt believed it, that was my dream since I was a child, this is asome.

My mom is divorced from my dad, she is a perfect mom and I love her, its just her and me my younger sister went live with my dad, she worked as a flight attendant, that was an advantage because we get tickets cheaper.
The day finally come, it was 8:00pm in California and we were ready, we hit the road to the airport and on the sky there was a wonderful view, almost all the skye was dark except one little piece.

I fall asleep during almost all of the flight, but when i woke up we were finally in Las Vegas, I was very happy we took a cab from the airport to take us around the hotels, then we arrived to the hotel from the outside it looked just incredible, very luxurious and fancy and from the inside it was even more of that.

The next couple day we went to many shows, visit other hotels, stores, everything, we had a really good time together in Las Vegas and hopefully we can repeat it other day, without doubt this was the best trip of my life.

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